Hi! I'm Guilherme "Ganço", and I want to know about the next freelance illustration or art project you need done!


Guilherme Silveira Dias began as a paid illustrator in 1994, beginning with technical pens, brushes and dip pens, applying india ink on tracing paper over pencil sketch on paper. When he finally got a Wacom tablet, digital 2D illustration became way more possible, especially in Adobe Illustrator. Meanwhile in Fine Arts, since 2001 he's been selling watercolors, acrylics from 2008 to today, and more recently oil. Each time he hangout with a group from Gibiteca in Curitiba he specialized more and more in Character Design, first for his zines, then Concept Sketching, that is, creating sketches with the potential to help create 3D models faster. But his main interest is to create vector characters for use in Games and 2D Animation. He was recently employed as a cleaner and final liner for Café Cartum Produções, a local animation studio. And is currently displaying his art prints at Papelaria Bebik, and original paintings at Jokers Pub Café.

The artist is interested in meeting Designers and Directors of Art who need cartoon animation, commercial audiovisual, vector illustration, or want to exhibit or run a fine arts project.


Café Cartoon Produções, Purpurina Audiovisual, Original Café jazz pub, SPVS - Sociedade de Pesquisa em Vida Selvagem e Educação Ambiental, TNC - The Nature Conservancy - Brasil, WWF Brasil, Cia. Teatro Filhos da Lua

Past expositions:
2001 First solo exposition, Original Café jazz pub
2007 Solo exposition in Sláinte irish pub
2007 Solo exposition in Baba Salim restaurant
2008 Solo exposition in Joker's pub
2010 Solo exposition in Espaço Buffet do Teatro
2014 Exposition in Gibicon de Curitiba
2016 Solo Exposition in Espaço MAM - Muito Além da Medicina